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My name is Gülcin Özer and I have been living and working here in beautiful Switzerland, near Zurich, as a spiritual medium for the spiritual world for several years. I love the silence and peace and it is balm for my soul. Our age has become much too hectic and fast-paced and most people lose the ability to hear the signals of their body and soul. In peace lies strength. This has always been my guiding principle.

Since my childhood I have loved the silence and at that time I already had supernatural experiences. Within my family, spirituality and media skills are a completely natural state. I was lucky to grow up in this family.

I had my first contact with the spiritual world at the age of 10. Since then, this world has exerted a great attraction on me. I wanted to understand what it was all about with all the signs from a world that was seemingly invisible to many others. I set out on a search and spent a long time dealing with religions, psychology, various sciences and consciousness research. In my search for answers I met wonderful people and mentors who trained me for years to better understand my own natural mediality.

Among my mentors were International Mediums such as Andy Byng, Jackie Wright, Judith Seaman, Bill Coller and many more.

To be in harmony with the spiritual world is especially important for me. Every day should be lived consciously in love, gratitude and joy. The collaboration with the Spiritual World is a wonderful and lifelong friendship which fills me with bliss. Knowing that we are accompanied throughout our lives, by our family members, helpers and friends from the spiritual world, and that our soul is immortal, makes me work full of joy and humility for the spiritual world as a medium.

The joy and love for people and the spiritual world is the essence of my work. To feel that everything is connected with each other is always a miracle and I would like to pass this on to you as well.

For many years I have accompanied and supported mourning people as well as people seeking advice.

My range of services as a medium includes afterlife contacts, medial consultations, trance healing, seminars in mediality (in groups or as individual training), public demonstrations, energetic house cleaning and much more.

If you are not sure which session would be the right one for you, you can contact me via the contact form at info@guelcinoezer.com or call me for advice. I'll be glad to help you with that.

Sincerely yours


Gülcin Özer

Curriculum Vitae

Medical Practice Assistant


Reiki I - III

Mediumistic - Bill Coller

Evidential Mediumship- Andrew Byng

Trance-Control - Judith Seaman

Evidential Mediumship – Mentorship Program demonstrating & speaking - Andrew Byng, UK

Physical and Experimental Trance - Judith Seaman

Mediumistic - Jackie Wright

Trance-healing - Jackie Wright

Physical Mediumship I - Judith Seaman

Physical Trance - Scott Milligan

Physical Mediumship II - Judith Seaman

Member of the SNU The Spiritualists´ National Union, UK

CSNU certification by The Spiritualists´ National Union (SNU) - CSNU (d) demonstrating an CSNU (s) speaking

Private readings & demonstrating, Paul Jacobs

Trance Communication - Kai Mügge

Public Demonstrations


My task as a medium for the spiritual world is to enable a connection between you and your loved ones. Why is the deceased person present? What does he/she want to tell you? What message is important to you at the moment? If the deceased wants to give you comfort, tell you that she/he is well, stand by you in order to deal better with the loss. Send you love and healing energy?


Would the preceding soul from the spiritual world like to support you personally in an important question of life and give you help for a current life situation? Did you get a chance to say goodbye?


Often the loss of a loved one is very stressful. An afterlife contact can help to cope better with mourning. The connections to your previous loved ones can be healing and comforting and reconciliation can take place.


Death is not the end


I'm just telling you what the spiritual world's giving me in information. As a spiritual medium I am not allowed to evaluate, not to judge and not to change the messages. My primary task is to give a voice to the deceased from the afterlife, here in our world, in order to establish a connection with their loved ones here in this world.


What must be considered for an afterlife contact?


At a session for afterlife contacts, the Spiritual World always determines who will contact you. It may be that not only one soul, but also several souls from the spiritual world will come forward at the same time. Be relaxed and open. If possible, without certain expectations. A connection with your loved ones can be very emotional and also humorous, it can lead to tears - to tears of emotion, but also to tears of joy. An afterlife contact is an experience with many surprises.


Enjoy it.

Public Demonstration of Mediumship

Volkshaus Zürich, Schweiz

Saturday 06.09.2019

Inlet: 19.00 clock

Beginning: 19.30 clock



Unique in Switzerland

Public afterlife contacts with blindfolded eyes.

As an evidentiary medium, I have made several contacts with the afterlife in Switzerland, in Zurich, blindfolded. For me it is not necessary to see or hear the audience during a public demonstration. This is unique in the whole of Switzerland and in the neighboring countries. It requires a lot of trust in one's own medial abilities as well as in the spiritual world. The blindfolded demonstration served to show the audience that I do not use cold & hot reading techniques but receive my information from the deceased through medial abilities.

Afterlife Contacts

You can book a session with me for afterlife contacts in different ways:

50 minutes Personal or via Skype and Zoom.

160 CHF.

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Spiritual Assessment

You can book a session with me for a Spiritual assessment in different ways:

50 minutes Personal, or via Skype and Zoom.

160 CHF.

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Trance Healing

You can book a session with me for a trance healing in different ways:

Personal or remote healing.

130 CHF.

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"Mediality for beginners"

5 weekends

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One-day seminar

"Get to know your spiritual guide"

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Gülcin Özer CSNU

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